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If you have difficulties or questions, e-mail the Registrar (Bill Fassett) or call him at 509-979-5205.

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In the section below, check the box for each registration type and enter number of attendees for that type. For example, for 1 full-fare and 1 non-rail attendee, you should check the box for full-fare, and enter a quantity of 1, then check the box for non-rail and enter a quantity of 1.

For single-day registrations, check the box for each day and enter the number of attendees.

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For full-fare registrants who are not NMRA members, please check the box for NMRA Pass, and enter the number of passes needed (1 for each full-fare non-NMRA member).

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To order banquet meals, check the box for Banquet, enter the total quantity of meals and check the box(es) for each menu choice desired. If all meals ordered are the same menu choice, only check one menu choice box.

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You may check more than 1 size when ordering polo shirts if ordering more than 1 shirt. For example: if you want 1 small and 1 large, check the size boxes for small and large, and enter a quantity of 2. For 2 or more of the same size, only check 1 size and enter the desired quantity. BE SURE TO CHECK THE BOX FOR MEN'S SHIRT OR WOMEN'S SHIRT, BE SURE TO CHECK A BOX FOR THE SIZE, AND BE SURE TO ENTER A QUANTITY FOR EACH TYPE OF SHIRT.

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Rail Tours

Non-Rail Tours

Please review the descriptions of these non-rail tours in the convention brochure or on the convention web site. The exact times of the tours will be determined by the number of participants. If a tour is cancelled, refunds will be issued. Note that the Spokane City Tour will be a different fee if fewer than 12 participants sign up.

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