District Grant Checklist 2020-21

Step 1 of 2: Submit

To print off a copy of this checklist, right-click on the document and choose the "Print" function

Step 1 The 2020-21 Club President and a Primary Contact in the Club must read and understand the District Grant Overview document found on District website or linked here.

Step 2: The President and Primary Contact both complete the District Certification Quiz and sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) found on District website or linked here. Both of these documents will submit online automatically.
DEADLINE: August 1, 2020 but do ASAP because you won't get the Grant Application until you have done this

Step 3: You will now be emailed the District Grant Application Package and Supplementary Budget documents from Dan Balfe. Complete and submit to Dan Balfe, District Grant Subcommittee Chair.
DEADLINE: September 1, 2020

Step 4: Do NOT begin implementation of project until grant is approved by the District which will be on or near *October 1, 2020

Step 5: Implement project and keep detailed receipts, invoices, copies of checks, etc. and take photos

Step 6: Prepare the Final Project Report and Final Project Accounting documents and submit to Dan Balfe – documents found on District website or linked here. REMEMBER - YOU MUST SUBMIT WITH ALL RECEIPTS & INVOICES IN ADDITION TO COPIES OF THE CHECKS WRITTEN BY YOUR ROTARY CLUB. DEADLINE: Within 60 days of project completion by no later than June 30, 2021.

Step 7: Once final reports are approved by District, you will be sent your reimbursement check. Congratulations!

Questions? Contact Dan Balfe, District Grant Committee Chair at rotary5130grants@gmail.com or 707-494-4602