Scooter Relief Request Form

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To request a grant from the Vespa Club of America Scooter Relief fund please complete the following fields. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk.



Please describe the extent of your losses. You do not need to provide a detailed itemized list, rather, give us an idea of whether you are permanently displaced, have lost your home, all your possessions, or whether your losses are more limited.
Please describe what the requested funds will be used for. (Replacement of clothing, repair of scooter, temporary housing, transportation, etc…)


VCOA Scooter Relief will be making assistance grants on a rolling basis. In an effort to make sure we serve all those in need, the first round of grants will be for $200 to $500. Receiving a first round grant does not preclude an applicant from requesting additional assistance in the future.
If you have asked for scooter parts or scooter repair labor instead of a financial grant, please provide the following information as well:
Scooter Damage


If you would like to share any files with us, photos etc. please do so here.
Please provide 2 resources within the local or national scooter community as references.