OASIS Child Registration

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Thank you for registering your child to be a part of OASIS! Please complete this form in its entirety for each of your children. First time families will need to provide immunization records and birth certificates for all children as well as a guardian's driver's license. The registration fee is $100 for each child, per session.

Child's Sex: 
Enrollment Selection: 
Current Grade or if registering for the Summer: Grade in the Fall 
Policy Owner's Relationship to Child: 
I consent for my child to be treated with the checked items below. I understand they will only be used to wash or treat an injury and I will receive an Injury Report Form when my child is treated. 
OASIS has my permission to apply the non-prescription over-the-counter (OTC) products I check below. For VA DSS regulations, please contact the OASIS Director. 
I grant Oasis Staff permission to photograph/video record my child and use such records on social media or in print for parental viewing and publicity.