Trainer's Pass Request


STEP 1: Fill out all of your contact information in the appropriate fields.

STEP 2: Read the "NPC RELEASE," enter your name (or the name of your legal guardian if you are under 18), and check the box to verify you agree with all terms

STEP 4: Review your entry, check the box at the bottom of the page, and click "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT"

STEP 5: You can pay with a CREDIT CARD OR PayPal account. PayPal is our credit card processing company, but you are NOT required to use a PayPal account All transactions are 100% safe and secure with 124 bit encryption.
Note: **True Novice is someone who has never competed in a NPC show.
*Novice is someone who has not won their class in a NPC show.
Teenage competitor must be at leaset 18yrs of and not over 20 on the day of the show.

Trainer Passes $123.00 Includes $3.00 Processing Fee + (Prejudging & Finals Ticket)


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Event Disclaimer

Date: Monday, 27 June 2022 (EDT)
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Trainer’s Rules
  1. Trainer’s passes are $120 this includes cost of PREJUDGING and FINALS tickets and allow back stage access.
  2. You must wear your wristband at all times. Any tampering with the band and you will need to purchase another band.
  3. Listen and follow all instructions and please be respectful of event staff.
  4. Trainers are only allowed in the trainer’s area. No trainers are allowed to the stage or in the staging area past the doors leading to the stage. You must work with your client in the pump-up room or hallway.
  5. When an expeditor calls competitors into a class lineup to bring to them on stage, you will need to exit the pump-up area into the showroom if you want to watch your client. You are not allowed to walk through the stage area.
  6. Anyone other event staff members who would like to be backstage will need to wear a wristband.
  7. The event expeditors may remove any unruly individuals upon the expeditor’s discretion.
  8. If you have sponsored a class or an overall award and are presenting, you will be given access to the stage area. You will receive instructions from the expeditors.
  9. Trainers must be over 18 of age.
  10. Trainers must bring the confirmation email with a photo id to the Will-Call desk to receive your wristband.
  11. Trainer must have a valid NPC Card