Adoption Questionnaire

Mary's Dogs Rescue & Adoption wants to place the dogs we rescue in homes that are compatible with their needs and the needs of their new dog “parent.” To this end, please complete this important questionnaire as completely and truthfully as you can. There are no wrong answers! Thanks!

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*Housing Type (Renters are required to provide name and phone number for your landlord)
Does your home have any pet restrictions? *
Age preference?
Gender preference?
Breed preference?
Size preference?
Do you have a fenced yard? *

Many dogs react well to obedience training, and such training often solves other problems like chewing, housetraining, and marking.

Are you willing to take your new dog for obedience training if needed? *

It's helpful if you let your vet office know to expect a call from a Mary's Dogs Rescue representative, and that you give permission to release information to us. Thanks!

*Please note: Mary's Dogs rescued pups MUST be indoor animals only, must be spayed or neutered, and must be returned to Mary's Dogs if an adoption does not work out for any reason.

IMPORTANT: If you don't get a confirmation shortly after submitting this form, please notify us immediately by email. Thanks

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