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Why Do We Host Your Web Forms?

Hosted Forms Are Simplier & Faster For You

The form builder provided by most web form services will only generate HTML code. However you still need to have access to a web host and upload your code before the form starts working. That's why no other web form service allows you to have a form ready in two minutes.

Hosted Forms Are More Flexible

With FormSmarts, you can use your forms from anywhere on the web where you can publish a link. You don't even need to have a website. That means you can let your visitors use a form right from Twitter or Facebook.

Form Hosting Improves Usability and Reliability

Hosting your forms allow us to adapt the form layout for each request. For example, we can show a different page to mobile users and regular desktop users. Your forms also benefit from reliable, redundant cloud hosting and 24/7 monitoring.
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