Make a Donation Form in No Time

  • Create a donation form in minutes with our online form builder
  • Accept donations by credit card or PayPal
  • Aggregate donation info on the cloud and export to Excel
  • Embed the form on your site

Create a Donation Form

Quick and Easy Setup

Create a donation form in minutes with our easy-to-use, interactive form builder.

Easy PayPal Integration

Collect online donations by credit card or PayPal. All payments are securely processed by PayPal.

Export to Excel

Store form entries on the cloud and download an Excel report combining the donor details captured on the form and their donation.

Embed Forms on Your Site

Embed the donation form on your site and/or use the URL provided.

Acknowledge Contributions

Publicly thank contributors on Twitter.

And much more…

  • Allow donations towards different causes with multiple donation boxes
  • Charge fixed amounts (e.g. membership fee) on the donation form
  • FormSmarts also supports recurring donations

Donation Forms on FormSmarts

FormSmarts supports both one-time donations and recurring donations. Customers may add multiple donation boxes to a donation form to allow contributors to give towards different causes or projects, like on the sample form below. We also allow clients to collect donations on other types of payment forms, including on registration forms, subscription & recurring membership forms and on forms using our SuperCart form-oriented shopping cart.

If you need help finding the most suitable donation form option for your organization, please ask us.