f8s.co is the domain name used by FormSmarts’ URL shortener.

Each FormSmarts online form has a f8s.co URL in addition to its FormSmarts.com URL.

When should I use the f8s.co URL instead of the FormSmarts.com URL?

Use the shortened URL to share a form on social media and on paper documents.

On paper documents, you should also print the form’s QR code (a kind of barcode) to allow users to scan the code with their phone and access the form directly without having to type its URL.

Should I use the f8s.co URL when adding a link to a form on my website?

No, you should instead link to the form’s FormSmarts.com URL to avoid the delay caused by the redirect.

The short URL offers no benefit when added to your site.

Where can I find the f8s.co URL of a form?

You can find the shortened URL of a form in its Publishing Options (illustrated below).

To access Publishing Options, log in to the form builder and click on the icon corresponding to the form you want to get the shortened URL of.

Form Publishing Options screen of the Form Builder

Are f8s.co form URLs as reliable as FormSmarts.com URLs?

To ensure maximal reliability and reduce latency, f8s.co is hosted on a cloud infrastructure that is distributed worldwide and amounts to hundreds of independent servers.

Although the redirect to FormSmarts.com adds a small delay to a form’s loading time, the delay is minimal because it is done at the network location (edge) closest to the user.

What does the 8 in f8s.co stand for?

8 is the number of characters between the first (f) and last character (s) of FormSmarts.