Protect the form data you've collected in your account and enhance the security of your forms with an IP whitelist. Once activated1, only devices with a whitelisted IP address will be allowed to log in to your FormSmarts account.

Using an IP address Allow list to enhance form security

Who Should Set an IP Whitelist?

You should consider enhancing the security of your account by creating an IP address whitelist if members of your organization only access your FormSmarts account from a fixed range of public IP addresses, including those working from home connected to your network through a VPN.

How Can I Create an IP Whitelist?

To create an IP Whitelist:

  • Visit Security Settings section of your account
  • Use the + button to add a block of IP addresses formatted as
  • If you need to remove a range of IP addresses from the list, select it in the pull-down menu and press the - button
  • You can whitelist a single IP address by using the same IP address for the start and end IP address in an IP range, for example:
  • If you need to disable IP whitelisting, remove all IP blocks from the whitelist.

  1. IP whitelisting is only included with Business Max accounts and higher.