Signing up for FormSmarts is easy and should only take a minute to complete.

Online form builder signup

  1. Fill out your first and last name.
  2. Enter your email address carefully. That email address will be your FormSmarts username. You will need it to sign in to FormSmarts and create and modify forms with the online form builder. You will need to verify your email address before your account is activated. To ensure our emails are always sent to your inbox, we advise you to add formsmarts-noreply @ to your address book now.
  3. Next, you'll need to choose a password of no less than six characters and confirm your password. Passwords are case sensitive. As you type your password, a strength meter will appear under the input field. Make sure your password is at least rated “So-so”. FormSmarts doesn't accept “Very weak” passwords. Here are a few tips to create a strong password:
    • At least 8 characters
    • Do not use a dictionary word or common pattern like 'qwerty' or '87654321'.
    • MiX uPpER and loWercaSEs.
    • Use numbers and special characters: ~!@#$%;(^_…
    • Avoid obvious substitutions like '0' for 'o' and '1' for 'l'.
    • Never use the same password on multiple sites.
  4. Select your activity. This will help us personalize your experience with FormSmarts.
  5. Check the box to agree to FormSmarts Terms of Service.

After you have pressed the Sign me up! button, we will send you a verification email. Simply click on the link contained in that email to activate your FormSmarts account. You will then be transferred to the form builder, where you will be able to create a form with no further delay. If you don't receive the activation email within minutes, read this.