Before activating your FormSmarts account, we need to confirm your email address. We've sent a confirmation message to the email address you gave us when signing up. You should receive that email within a few minutes.

If you haven't received the confirmation email from FormSmarts, check the following:
  • Did you enter your email address correctly? This page should have opened in a new window (or tab), so you should be able to check the email address you entered on the registration page.
  • Did you check your Junk mail folder? FormSmarts is using all technologies available today and has partnered with major email providers to ensure our emails are correctly delivered to all our users. Despite this, our confirmation email may have been sent to your Spam folder by mistake. If so, mark the message as Not Spam, and add and to your contacts to prevent this from happening again.
  • Are you blocking our emails? Some email providers refuse emails coming from a sender that is not in your contacts or whitelist. In that case, make sure you allow emails form and
  • Otherwise. FormSmarts email servers are under constant monitoring, so it's unlikely there is a problem on our side without us being aware of it. However after you have ruled out all of the above, please report a problem.