Hosted Forms Are Simpler & Quicker to Set Up

FormSmarts allows members to make a form with our interactive online form builder in minutes.

Once you've created a form, just grab it's URL or add the embed code provided by the form builder to your site.

Forms are hosted by FormSmarts on a world-class cloud infrastructure.

Hosted Forms Are More Flexible

With FormSmarts, you can use your forms from anywhere on the web where you can post a link. You don't even need to have a site. You can allow your visitors to use a form right from Twitter or Facebook.

Form Hosting Improves Reliability & Usability

Forms are hosted in a reliable, world-class cloud infrastructure and monitored around the clock, 365 days a year.

Hosting your forms also allow us to display the form in the user's preferred language. We can also adapt the form to the device it is being viewed on.