Save & Resume allows a user to start filling out an online form, save it, and continue at a later time. This FormSmarts feature is mainly intended to support online applications and collaboration around a shared application form.

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Online Form with Save Button

Can All Forms Be Saved and Resumed?

Any online form can be saved and resumed at a later time as long as:
  • The form owner has enabled this feature
  • The form has at least one email field
  • The user has entered their email address on the form, which they will need to access the saved form entry.

Application Forms

An application form usually requires the applicant to write up long statements amounting to hundreds of words and upload a number of documents.

Save & Resume allows them to complete the form over several days (up to 30 days1), saving changes and editing the form again as needed before submitting their application.

FormSmarts provides the applicant with a private encrypted URL where they can edit their application, while protecting from public view the content of the form.

Collaboration with a Shared Application Form

When an applicant saves a form entry, they can share it with someone they trust2.

The person with whom a form entry was shared may edit and save it. They can also submit it if allowed by the owner of the form.

This allows:

  • Application processes with multiple applicants where each one must fill out part of a form and any of the contributors can submit the form
  • Workflows where someone starts to complete a form and invites a contributor to review, edit or sign it, before submitting the form themselves.

How to Share a Form

  • If applicable, enter the email of the persons with whom you want to share the draft directly on the form
  • Press the Save button at the bottom of the form
  • Launch the sharing screen with the Share button, select one the emails you've entered on the form or provide a new one, then confirm.
Online Form with Save Button

Preventing Conflicting Changes

To prevent the risk of lost or conflicting updates when multiple users access a form at the same time, FormSmarts only allows one person to edit a saved form response at a time. When a user logs in, they are given exclusive access for 20 minutes.

Data Security Considerations

Protecting Access to Saved Form Entries

To protect access to the information stored in draft forms, FormSmarts generates private encrypted URLs that can't be guessed. The owner of a form entry and any trusted third parties with whom they share access to the form additionally needs to log in with their email address and passcode (optional, but recommended) in order to access the form.

The person who first saves a form entry can request to have the private URL and passcode sent to their email address. Anyone with access to the email account can access and modify the information on the form.

Form users should only share a saved form response with a trusted party. Since FormSmarts sends invitations by email, anyone able to access the trusted party's email account can access or modify the information on the form.

Revoking Shared Access to a Form Response

When a user shares a form response with someone, FormSmarts emails them an invitation. Invitations cannot be recalled, and access cannot currently be revoked for individual email addresses or private URLs.

Should a form users find out they have shared a form with the wrong person, they can block all shared access to the form entry via the Revoke Sharing button in the Sharing window. All shared access will be permanently blocked, and further sharing won't be allowed.

Start filling a form and share it with someone else

How to Add Save & Resume to Your Forms

You can add Save & Resume to your forms via the API Console. The configuration options are explained in the Form API documentation.

  1. Draft form responses can be edited for 15 days by default, the form owner can set a different limit of up to 30 days
  2. Optional, can be disabled on a form by form basis
  3. Save & Resume is currently only available with Business Max accounts and higher