The FormSmarts Reference Number uniquely identifies a form submission to all parties involved.

The reference number appears on the confirmation page, after the form has been successfully submitted. To form users it's a proof of submission and a reference shared with the form recipient(s) for later communication.

The reference number is shown in the subject of emails (form to email) and in Excel reports (form to Excel), allowing form recipients to identify each form submission. This allows:

  • Form recipients to communicate about a transaction with their customer
  • Multiple recipients to communicate with one another about a transaction
  • Form recipients to communicate with FormSmarts staff about a transaction
  • Form recipients to match a form response with the corresponding payment when using our PayPal form feature.

The reference number is also used internally within FormSmarts and allows us to trace all decisions and events pertaining to a transaction (e.g. spam filtering, routing). We can't have a reliable system without the ability to uniquely identify each form submission.