FormSmarts relies on Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) from PayPal to reconcile and verify payments before confirming the form responses for which a payment was made.

Follow instructions on this page to update the IPN Notification URL in your PayPal account and enable IPN messages.

Navigate to the IPN Settings Page

Log in to your PayPal account and click or tap the icon showing a cog in the main menu to access your account settings.

Sign in to PayPal and tap the Settings option in the main menu

Select the Seller Tools option in the sub-menu.

Tap Seller Tools option in PayPal account settings

Click or the tap the Update button to access the IPN Settings page.

Click Update button to access the IPN settings

Update the IPN URL and Enable IPN Messages

  1. Tap of click Edit Settings
  2. Copy your FormSmarts Notification URL from the Security Settings of your FormSmarts account. Your FormSmarts Notification URL includes an authentication token, do not publish or share it.
  3. Paste your the URL in the Notification URL box in your PayPal account
  4. Select Receive IPN messages (Enabled)
  5. Click Save

Update IPN Notification URL and Enable IPN messages