Online Form Examples

These are example web forms built with FormSmarts form creator. You could get the same forms on your site in just minutes.

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Contact Form Example
Add a contact form to your site in minutes!

Creating a contact form (a.k.a. feedback form) as the one found on most sites is quick and easy with FormSmarts.

  • Create a form.   FormSmarts allows you to make a contact form in a few clicks with our online form builder.
  • Publish it.   FormSmarts allows you to embed a form directly onto your site, as with the example below. All you need to do is post the embed code provided by the form builder to your site. Each form also comes with its own and shortened URL, so you can link to your form, share it on Facebook, or use the form even if you don't have a website.
  • Get Data.   Receive form responses by email or collect form entries on the cloud and generate an Excel report.

Example Form with Payment Integration
With FormSmarts, it has never been so easy to make an online form that includes a payment.

Create a registration form or order form with the HTML form generator

The last form examples demonstrate our PayPal form feature. FormSmarts payment integration makes it easy to include a PayPal payment in your forms, while giving you the power and flexibility of a full-featured web form builder. Our PayPal Form feature is your best option whenever you need to collect data and get a payment on a form.

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Tip: As with all forms you create with the form generator, you can easily embed the form into your own website rather than using the form's FormSmarts URL.

Example Form with File Upload
The form builder allows you to add file upload capability to a form in just a click.

Form with File Upload Field

You can allow online form users attach a picture or document to a form by simply adding a file upload control to a form. Form attachments are stored on the cloud where you can download them at any time.

Try a File Upload Demo

Survey Form Example
The form builder provides you with all the tools you need to easily create a web survey in minutes.

Create a survey form with the HTML form generator

FormSmarts form builder supports all the field types you need to create rich survey forms. We support all standard HTML fields (text fields, drop-down lists, checkboxes and radio buttons), and we've even added a few others: a datepicker, and a geo-localized country selector (automatically detects the country of the visitor).

When you create a web survey, you usually want to collect form submissions on FormSmarts, rather than having each one emailed to you. You can then export form responses in Excel format in a few clicks with our reporting tool.

Try a Survey Form Demo