Most FormSmarts functions customers rely upon on a daily basis can be automated using APIs and webhooks.

Mapping FormSmarts Functions to Automated Processes

We've listed in this table some of the core FormSmarts features you probably already use, and mapped them to a solution to automate the corresponding process.

Online Form FunctionManual ProcessAutomated Solution

Get a Push Notification for Individual Form Submissions

Set up FormSmarts to send an email to one or more team members when a form is submitted Set up a form submission webhook

Find a Form Submission

Look up the form response with the Data Search tool Write code to find the form entry with the Search API

Access an Individual Form Submission

View the form entry online or download it as a PDF document Write simple code to get the form submission in JSON format or get a PDF document with the Form Response API

View or Download Form Attachments

View or download uploaded documents online or via the link in the email notification Download form attachments with the Form Response API or a webhook

Export Form Entries Submitted Between Two Dates

Create an Excel report with the Report Generator Write code to get form responses submitted between two dates with the Form Responses by Dates API

Submit a Form

Allow individuals to submit the form online Write code to submit the form automatically with the Form Submission API