Whether your workflow involves processing individual form submissions delivered to your inbox as they arrive or periodically downloading a spreadsheet with form responses collected over a period of time, you could benefit from the additional functionality available when accessing form entries on FormSmarts.

Amend a Form Response, Add Tags and Notes

A dedicated page on FormSmarts centralizes all information gathered for each form submitted and the functions associated with it. The page allows you to amend, organize and annotate the form entry, while also supporting the collaboration with the other team members involved.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the (growing) set of features available now, so you know how to perform a task when you need to do it in the future — as you likely will.

How Can I View a Form Entry on FormSmarts?

FormSmarts users can view and manage individual form entries online1 via the View online & add notes link in email notifications. If you have deleted the message or email notifications are turned off, generate an Excel report and locate the form entry. Use the link corresponding to a form entry to access it on FormSmarts.

You can also work out the URL of a form response from its Reference Number: assuming the Reference Number of a form entry is QR6SADIWB4THC6H9S94635LA, its URL is https://f8s.co/e/QR6SADIWB4THC6H9S94635LA.

For example, if you want to find the registration corresponding to a PayPal payment, log in to your PayPal account and find the Invoice ID of the transaction. The long ID after the last dash is the form's Reference Number. You can use it to access the corresponding registration on FormSmarts.

Print & Export to PDF

View a form entry on FormSmarts whenever you need print it out or download a copy in PDF format. The document generated via the Print button is optimized for printing and should yield a better output than directly printing the email or PDF. Both the PDF and printout have a bar code (QR code) that lets members access the entry on FormSmarts with a phone or tablet to add a note or modify its status.

Add Notes

Notes help you and your teammates keep track of what you need to do (and have already done) about a form entry.

Use notes to document actions taken and collaborate with your team members in the context of a form entry.

A note is associated with the FormSmarts user who wrote it and all notes can be viewed by other users in the same account, so they collectively form a conversation between team members.

All users can create, edit, and delete their own notes. The account Admin can delete notes created by other users.

Find out more about notes

Tag a Form Entry

Tags allow you to organize and record the status of a form submission in your organization's workflows.

For example, an employee attending to a customer support request might quickly review a request upon submission and assign it a low priority or high priority and a completion status such as pending customer reply, in progress or completed.

Another organization may document that an online application was accepted or rejected by tagging the online application accordingly.

In the context of an online registration form that involves a payment you may tag the registration as canceled and the payment as refunded. When an individual can pay a registration by check or cash on site, you could mark the registration as paid and record the payment details with a note.

All users in a FormSmarts account can view tags and those who have been authorized to edit a form entry (write access) may tag and untag an entry.

Amend a Form Entry

FormSmarts allows you to amend individual data fields of a form entry while keeping track of the original value submitted and the revision history. The revision history lets you visualize all amendments made to a field, who made the changes, and when.

Amend Submitted Data

Common use-cases for editing a form entry include:

  • Correct a mistake in the information submitted when notified by the person who submitted the form (so they don’t have to submit it again)
  • Update contact details when requested by the individual concerned
  • Allow individuals to exercise their legal right to rectification, e.g. right to have inaccurate personal data rectified in the European Union (GDPR).
  • Compliance: keep track of all changes, and of who made each one and when. The original data submitted is kept and all revisions are immutable. Revision info is kept for the lifetime or the form entry and form: revisions data is removed if a form entry is deleted or the corresponding form is removed (which deletes all associated form entries and attachments)
  • General need to keep customer records accurate for operational or regulatory purposes.

Delete a Form Submission

To ensure the data provided by Excel reports is accurate and up-to-date, members sometimes need to delete a duplicate form entry or test run.

Use the link in the notification email or Excel report to access the entry, then remove it using the Delete button (or Delete menu item on mobiles).

Besides the account owner, any sub-user with write access to the form can delete an entry.

View Metadata

In addition to form data, the page contains additional information that is not accessible by other means like the timestamp associated with the entry and the IP address and approximate location from where the form was submitted.

It also shows the details of any associated payments and the value of the context parameter submitted with the form, which you can use to track the web page from where a form was submitted.


How can I can access a form entry on FormSmarts?

You can access a form entry on FormSmarts:
  • Via the link at the bottom of email notifications
  • Using the URL in Excel (Excel CSV or XLSX) reports

Who can access a form response on FormSmarts?

The FormSmarts account owner and any sub-user (called invited user) associated with their account.

I’m already receiving form submissions to my email address, can I also access them online?

Even if you are already receiving form entries by email, you will only be able to access them on FormSmarts if the account admin has created a FormSmarts Invited User for you and given you access to this particular form.

If you need to annotate, tag, edit, or download the PDF version of a form or an associated form attachment — ask the account admin to create an invited user for you.

No, although email notifications with all types of accounts for which this feature is available have links, only recipients which are also invited users in the FormSmarts account that owns a form may use them.
  1. FormSmarts members can only access entries online if data storage for the corresponding form is turned on.