Updating File Uploads

You can update the documents and images uploaded to your online forms.

To edit a form response, view it online and click or tap the Edit button, as shown below.

Update a file upload

Browse and select a file or drag the new document to the area around the Browse button.

Once the file upload is complete, use the Save button to confirm.

Upload a new file

Differences With Editing Other Types of Fields

When a user edits any fields other than a file upload field, FormSmarts keeps track of all changes.

For upload fields, FormSmarts doesn’t keep older versions of uploaded documents. When a form attachment is updated, the previous version is deleted after three days.

Although we don’t keep the content of the file, we retain other relevant information: the file’s name, its FormSmarts Upload ID, a signature of the file, who uploaded the file and when.

Who Can Update an Uploaded File?

The account admin and any user associated with the account with Edit permissions on a form may update form attachments.

This feature is not included with all types of accounts.

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