Stored Form Results

Whenever someone uses one of your forms, we email you the form submission straight away. That is, at this time, the only way we support for you to access form results.

That’s great if you need to collect time-sensitive information that needs to be processed individually. For example, for contact forms or order forms.

For most individuals and small businesses, their email account is where data is safest. Free email services like Gmail or Yahoo give you reliable data storage, that’s an advantage that is often overlooked.

But sometimes what you want is really to collect form data, store it somewhere, and use it later. That’s what you need for medium and large scale surveys, registration forms, and the likes.

Stored form results is the next big thing coming up on FormSmarts.

What Will Change with Stored Form Results?

When this feature becomes available, you’ll have the option to store form submissions on FormSmarts. You’ll then be able to download them, export them to Microsoft Excel, get them emailed to you weekly, or get them via a private RSS feed.

Stored Form Results will only be available to FormSmarts Pro customers.

Anything to Say?

We’re open to suggestions about other ways to let users retrieve stored form data.

2 Responses to “Stored Form Results”

We are in the process of building our website (CircleOfWellness-Online hosted by goDaddy)I am not able to find if there is a size limit to the forms – I have three primary questionnaires that potential clients will fill out. One of my questionnaires is 42 pages long in MS Word. Can FormSmarts handle that?

Also, can I import my MS Word forms directly into FormSmarts?

And finally, is it possible to have clients save their work then return later to complete their questionnaires? Completing them in one sitting may be rather onerous for most people.

Thank you,
Michael & Cindi Acton

Posted by: Michael - Cindi | Oct 4th, 2008 9:07 am

I am very excited about this feature. When would this be released? It would be helpful for my website.

Posted by: jane | Oct 17th, 2008 8:34 pm

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