Offering Discounts with PayPal Integration & Discount Codes

FormSmarts allows you to offer three types of discounts to your customers on your PayPal forms: discounts for a fixed amount, percentage discounts and discount codes.

Fixed Amount Discount

  • Syntax: My Discount (-$5 USD)
  • Example form with a fixed amount discount
  • You may offer more than one discount, but not more than there are paid items selected.

Percentage Discount

  • Syntax: Discount Percentage (-25%)
  • Example form featuring a discount rate
  • You may only add one discount rate to a form
  • Percentage discounts are not supported on SuperCart forms
  • If you’re offering a fixed discount on the same form, both may not be selected at the same time

Discount Codes

Last but not least, FormSmarts supports discount codes. With discount codes, the buyer only get the discount if they enter a valid coupon code on the form.

Buyer enters the discount code to get the discount on PayPal checkout page

  • A discount code offers either a percentage discount or fixed amount discount
  • Try this example with the discount code FSCP-DEMO1
  • You may set up a discount code with a validity period by providing a start and end date (not supported with Starter accounts)

Early Bird Discounts

To offer an early bird discount on a registration form, create a discount code with a start and end date. The discount will only be applied if the form is submitted between those dates.

How to Offer Discount Codes on a Form

To create a discount code and associate it with a form:

  • Add a text box to the form selecting the data type Letters + Numbers
  • Create the discount code on FormSmarts with the API Console as documented and shown in this video.
  • Promo codes must start with FSCP- and may only contain alphanumeric characters and dash.

8 Responses to “Offering Discounts with PayPal Integration & Discount Codes”

Tip: You can also append the coupon code to the form’s URL so customers don’t have to type it:

FormSmarts Posted by: FormSmarts | Feb 1st, 2013 11:27 am

I would like to add some coupon codes to this form I would like FSCP-** ($20 discount), FSCP-** ($10 discount), FSCP-** ($30 discount).

These discount codes will make that person’s purchase free. The form is for a race registration. At our last race, we had a free option on the same form as a paid option. The information from the free option were not saved and did not appear on our excel download. Is there a way to have people use the same registration form and have some be free and others pay and still have all names appear on the same excel form?

Posted by: Dixie | Sep 6th, 2013 1:02 pm

Dixie, I’ve edited the coupon codes as those should probably not be made public. The coupon code feature is its first iteration and it does have limitations as we were not sure if and how people would us it. One of the current limitations is that we can’t add coupon codes of different values to the same form (although you may create several coupon codes for the same amount to track different sources/campaigns). Another limitation is that you currently can’t use coupons to allow people to register for free (PayPal would reject such transactions). We’ll remove these limitations, as well as add support for discount codes offering percentage discounts, in the second generation of the feature.
Update: As of Jan 1, 2014, both multiple coupon code amounts & coupon codes for the full amount are supported, allowing free registrations.

FormSmarts Posted by: FormSmarts | Sep 25th, 2013 3:38 am

I am wanting to offer Promo Code Discount options to a site. Here is the acceptable Promo Code: “*(code withheld)*”
With this code, the user gets 10% off. Here is the URL reference of the FormSmarts Form I created —

Please let me know how I can now integrate this with PayPal. Thank you!

Posted by: Sean | Jul 1st, 2014 3:08 pm

I want the ability to have auto discount on quantity. Such as buy two and get an additional one 100% (free). Cannot find an option to script this but sure it must be possible? Before I upgrade my test account , I need to be sure this auto discount option is possible.

Posted by: Dave | Jun 19th, 2015 2:55 pm

Dave, FormSmarts has a scripting feature (included with some Business accounts only) with which we can help you set this up.

FormSmarts Posted by: FormSmarts | Jun 20th, 2015 8:12 am

I would like to offer a fixed percentage discount to my SuperCart form but have some items that are exempt from the discount. Is that possible?

Posted by: Kelcie | Feb 25th, 2016 9:32 pm

Kelcie, SuperCart forms don’t support percentage discounts because the fact that a percentage discount on one form would apply to all forms (which is required due to how PayPal works) is not intuitive and could confuse users.

FormSmarts Posted by: admin | Feb 25th, 2016 11:51 pm

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